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Clara La San

Made Mistakes [LP]

Vinyl: $24.98 UNAVAILABLE
Visionary singer, writer and producer Clara La San creates a uniquely mesmerising and atmospheric space within alternative R&B, centred around a core of confident vulnerability, with debut album 'Made Mistakes' following collaborations with Bicep, Bryson Tiller, Jam City and others.
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Maxïmo Park tomorrow announce their eighth studio album, Stream Of Life for release on September 27th via Lower Third. The road to Stream of Life saw the band link up once again with Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective), Grammy-winning producer of 2021’s near-chart-topping, pandemic-era tour de force Nature Always Wins, and as a result it marks the first time they have all been together in a studio to make an album since 2016. It finds the band in perhaps the most reflective state they’ve been in. Lead singer Paul Smith, this most lit-pop of lyric writers, took the album title from a short story by Ukrainian-born Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, inspired by both its stream of consciousness style and the way it prompts reflection on the inner mechanisms of people's minds. It begs the question of why they do the things that they do, even when they can seem counterintuitive to the outsider. There's an inner flow to every individual - a stream of life.
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RSD Essential 065 - 35th Anniversary Pressing! The revolutionary kings of death metal Morbid Angel with their seminal debut album Altars Of Madness. Features some of the most legendary Death Metal tracks of all time including Immortal Rites, Maze Of Torment and Chapel Of Ghouls.

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RSD Essential 064 - 35th Anniversary Pressing! Bolt Throwers classic Earache debut (originally released in 1989) now available on Vinyl LP with FDR (Full Dynamic Range) audio. Featuring 11 blistering tracks of the heaviest death metal Coventrys finest went on to have huge worldwide success after this critically acclaimed record.
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Blame The Young is the third album by the Taunton based Alternative Rock Band October Drift, out on Physical Education Recordings. Blame The Young (the title song) explores denial and blame. It works on a personal and level but also on a societal & political level too. The housing crisis, the food crisis, poverty, the unravelling of the NHS - blame the young, blame immigration.. The albums central theme is ownership of our own decisions, actions and choices with an element of youthful defiance.

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